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As a contra dance caller, it is important to work with a band that has a varied repertoire, that has skill born of years of experience, that clearly enjoys working together, and more importantly, has a great deal of fun using their virtuosity to provide tunes that every dancer will love. Corachree is such a band! They instinctively reach the dancers with their tune choices, skill, creativity, and sense of fun. I have had a great time calling with this band, and recommend them highly.  
----  Linda Leslie

Corachree plays a great variety of tunes and they do it with a lot of energy and style. Great rhythm and wonderful melodies and great to dance to. Go see them when they come to your town! 
----  Perry Shafran

Corachree is a "new" band but the musicians have years and years of performing experience, which gives them a musical edge. The musicians are also dancers and they play with unwavering rhythm to keep the beat and melodies that lift your feet. Their choice of tune, be it old timey or traditional Irish Jigs and Reels, or a newly crafted original tune, always compliments the choreography of the dance for a perfect fit.

As a caller I fully enjoy their professionalism as much as their musical accompaniment. They are easy to work with, able to chose their tunes during a short walk through, and are willing to discuss the flow of the evening with experience and insight. They always choose the perfect tune ( be it a happy bouncy tune, or a sultry smooth and gliding tune) to match the feel of the dance or to compliment/contrast with the mood of the previous dance.
----  Donna Hunt